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Statement by the Llywydd

July 19, 2017

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  • Elin Jones

Elin Jones

Members will be aware that a point of order was raised yesterday regarding the use of language in the Chamber. This has prompted me to reflect more generally on a recent tendency among Members to sail close to the wind in relation to the words they choose to use. I’m satisfied that my response to date has been correct and in accordance with our Standing Orders. However, judgments of this kind are finely balanced and can depend much on the context in each case. This is why no Member should interpret a ruling as having established some hard-and-fast line of what constitutes acceptable behaviour. Whilst I have made clear from the start that I want to ensure robust scrutiny and lively debate, the people of Wales would not expect this Chamber to become a place where accusations about the personal integrity of Members are thrown around lightly or frequently. All Members must think carefully about the words they use. I will not allow a pattern of behaviour to develop that deliberately tests our boundaries.